A Dream of The Afterlife

A short poem describing a dream I had

Photo by James Eades on Unsplash

There is darkness
Then it’s light
A massive waterfall looms just in sight

“Where am I?”
I yell to the figure in its mist
But the water roars louder o’er the mountain of schist

I walk the dirt path
She calls me like a temptress
I try to resist, but her voice is relentless

I stand stoic
Silhouetted against the falls
I yell even louder, but still mute are my calls

The figure steps forward
She vanishes through the cascade
I try to follow, but things start to fade

Darkness sets in, but I’m not distressed
My life has just ended, there is nothing left.

A bit of a short one, but I wrote this a while back when I had this dream, and I really liked it. The dream had a profound effect on me for a couple days, but it wasn’t negative, it was actually pretty calming. The Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland is the best one I’ve found to compare with the one in the dream.



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