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5 min readJan 21, 2022
Ethan Silvers; Author of Critical Country

I have written several articles about myself on here, but never really a dedicated post to pin to my account; so here it is.

The picture here on the left is me, with a tiny catfish that had just bitten me. I’ve probably gained some weight since this photo so just imagine that guy, but like, 30-40 pounds heavier. My hair is also longer than it was in this, so account for that as well.

Yes, I could have just taken a new photo of myself but I am awful at posing for photos so — no thanks.

General Info And Hobbies:

I was born in 2001 and have lived in small town North Carolina all my life. I love it here with all my heart. The rivers and mountains are what give me life.

As you can tell from the photo; I love to fish. It’s one of my favorite things to do in spring and summer. I mostly dislike summer though, I hate the bugs, the heat and feeling all sweaty and muggy. I love the fall. I love when the air starts to cool off and all the leaves get to their gorgeous red and orange states. My birthday is in the fall, and so is Halloween; so that just strengthens the case for fall.

I am definitely a creative type of person, as I love to write poetry, and practice photography. I would love making music, but I haven’t the talent for that, so I just stick to writing about music.

I am a pretty big sports fan too! I specifically like the NFL and MLB, as I’m not much of a college sports fan. In the NFL I have been a Green Bay Packers fan ever since I’ve watched football, and in the MLB I love the L.A. Dodgers. My favorite football player is Aaron Rodgers, and my favorite baseball player is Mookie Betts. I also like to watch soccer from time to time; when I do, I usually root for whatever team Robert Lewandowski is on. I’ve never been able to get into basketball, but I do usually watch the NBA Finals every year.

Deeper Thoughts:

I am an enneagram type 4 (specifically a 5 winged 4), if anyone reading this is into that whole thing. This essentially means I am very creative, but also kind of delusional, and scared of being ordinary… fun times.

I’m a fairly spiritual and superstitious person. I don’t really have any set beliefs, but I love the earth and feel connected to it. I love birds of prey — specifically red-tailed hawks, and feel like if I have any kind of spirit guide; it’s red-tailed hawks.

Photo of a red-tailed hawk taken by author

I have numerous stories of me just begging the universe for a sign of some sort to solve some dilemma in my life, and shortly afterwards a red-tailed hawk will show up. I love to combine my love for birds of prey into my love for photography. Often times in the summer you can find me riding endless backroads, searching for hawks, ospreys, or eagles.

My favorite osprey photo I’ve taken

I also love all things paranormal. I 100% believe in ghosts, and love to tell, and hear ghost stories. One of my first questions to a new person I meet is always; “do you have any ghost stories?” I have no idea what ghosts are or anything like that, but there’s just so much we don’t know about death, anything could happen. I love the idea of bigfoot as well, though I will admit I don’t really believe in that one. The idea of any cryptid is just fun to ponder on.

My Music Taste:

I love all genres of music, and frequently listen to all genres of music, however; country music is absolutely the one I am most passionate about. In this section I’m just going to do a list of my favorite albums, and note that these are in no particular order, and I’m probably forgetting a bunch. I won’t do songs or artists because it would just get repetitive.

Favorite Albums:

  • Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves
  • Mama Tried by Merle Haggard
  • Something More Than Free by Jason Isbell
  • Country Charley Pride by Charlie Pride
  • Don’t Close Your Eyes by Keith Whitley
  • Don’t Come Home A Drinkin’ by Loretta Lynn
  • Home by Billy Strings
  • Clinch Mountain Gospel by Ralph Stanley and The Clinch Mountain Boys
  • Shotgun Willie by Willie Nelson
  • Buck Owens All-Time Greatest Hits by Buck Owens
  • The Valley by Charley Crockett
  • Long Time Coming by Sierra Ferrell
  • Rollin’ On by Jesse Daniel
  • Purgatory by Tyler Childers
  • Traveling Mercies by Emily Scott Robinson
  • This Ones For You by Luke Combs
  • Ballads 1 by Joji
  • Too Weird To Live Too Rare To Die by Panic! At The Disco
  • Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance
  • Tales Of America by Ondara
  • Vessel by Twenty One Pilots
  • DiCaprio 2 by JID
  • Luv Is Rage 2 by Lil Uzi Vert
  • Time ’n’ Place by Kero Kero Bonito
  • Get Lucky by Loverboy
  • Born In The U.S.A. by Bruce Springsteen
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by AC/DC
  • Thriller by Michael Jackson
  • Elizabeth Cotten Live! by Elizabeth Cotten
  • Elvis’ Golden Records by Elvis Presley
  • Here’s Little Richard by Little Richard
  • Home Grown by Tom T. Hall
  • Traveller by Chris Stapleton

Okay that’s probably enough. I got a little carried away there…

Here are three stories that I’ve written that describe a little more in detail about my backstory, and such.

Thanks for reading, and if there’s anything more you’d like to know; feel free to ask me in the comments, or leave a private note! As long as it’s not my address or debit card number, I’m sure I can tell ya!

EDIT: I am now a Cincinnati Bengals fan, and Ja’Marr Chase is my favorite player



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