The First 4 Songs I Listened to in 2022

and why I chose them!

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Hi! I’m back from my covid hiatus just in time for 2022!

Every year I am very very superstitious about the various “firsts” of the new year, especially the first songs I listen to! I always make sure to choose the perfect song(s), and nothing malicious or too sad.

This won’t be super long, just each song, and a little on why I picked them!

1. “Therapy” by Peytan Porter

My second article on this blog was a piece on Peytan Porter and how I think she will absolutely blow up in 2022, so this may not be a surprise.

I choose this song as the first song of 2022 because I love the message of healing and self care the song projects. My 2021 was amazing, I lived more life in 2021 than the three or four years before it combined. It ended a bit rocky though and there were some god awful days in there. I want to focus my 2022 on really figuring out what I need to get by emotionally, and this song was perfect.

I wanted to ring in my new year with a nice slow, self-love anthem!

2. “Brand New Man” by Brooks and Dunn feat. Luke Combs

This one was simple. I changed immensely over the course of 2021. I learned so much about myself, and my core values. I learned to be myself. I ended up a brand new man, and am very very excited to carry that brand new man into 2022 and see where it takes me!

It’s also just a hell of a good song. It’s the classic B&D hit with the added talents of Luke Combs and a rockin’ new instrumental. It just felt right to give the remix to the classic the spotlight since it’s even more “new.”

3. “Easy On Me” by Adele

I mean this song is just stellar. Classic Adele emotion.

The big reason I chose this song is I left a few people behind in 2021. I felt the need to cut some people out, and did as such. The line “had no time to choose, what I chose to do” rings the most true. Looking back on these things, I rushed it a bit. I made my mind up very quickly and enacted the “cutting out” before I even really should have.

I find myself rewinding memories I had with one of the people in particular, and I do miss them. They were toxic for me at the time, and I think I did the right thing by asking them for a break from the friendship. However; I said things afterwards to others that I do regret, and who knows if it ever got back to the person it was about or not?

I feel as though if I want them back into my life again, I have to be up front about the things I regrettably said behind their back. Hence the choice of this song. If I do ever come around to being in a place where they can have a spot in my life again, I’ll confess to it, and hope they “go easy on me.”

On a lighter note I also just hope 2022 goes easy on me and everyone else as well, and finally offers some respite from the struggles of 2020 and 2021.

4. “Honky Tonk Song” by George Jones

This is the party song. This is the one I wanted to end my listening session on. I wanted something cheerful, funny, and just kinda rowdy to be honest.

After the quiet reminiscence of the previous song, I wanted to close with something that would make me feel good, and go into 2022 ready to raise some hell.

I just adore this song and have been listening to it quite a bit recently and figured “why not?” I have plenty of things I need to do, and want to achieve in 2022, but above all I want to have fun, and live my life to the absolute fullest. I had all the seriousness in the other three songs, so this is to remind me to let loose when I need to, and live free.

I hope you enjoyed that short little peek into the beginning of my year!

Just gonna take some time down here and say that I am hoping to be fully, officially back to daily posting. I am pretty much fully over covid, my quarantine has ended, and all that remains is a pretty rough cough that really only flares up at night. It was an awful week but I made it through and am ready to take 2022 by the horns and really get this blog running!

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year’s Day!



I’m Ethan, and this is my (mostly) country music blog: Critical Country | Top Writer in Country Music and Music | Contact me at

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Critical Country

I’m Ethan, and this is my (mostly) country music blog: Critical Country | Top Writer in Country Music and Music | Contact me at