What I’ve Been Listening To — Summer 2022

I have lots to share!

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I was gonna go over a bunch of the reasons I left, but I already did that in the last story I posted on my page, so let’s just get right into this!

I’m going to share a bunch of the songs that I’ve been jamming out to over the past couple months while I’ve been away, hopefully there’s still people here to read!

Renewal by Billy Strings

Normally on these lists I just talk about songs that I’ve been listening to, but I’ve been listening to this full album so much, that I can’t choose just one song from it to feature.

I’ll talk a little more in detail about three of the ones I haven’t previously mentioned on this page.

The first of the three is “Hellbender.”

I have kind of adopted this song as a new anthem of sorts. If I ever make an updated list of songs that describe me, this tune will most definitely make the cut.

Some of the quotes from this song just hurt, they feel so personalized.

“Never once made a dollar, which I didn’t gamble, or scramble to burn at both ends”

“With a chip on my shoulder, I’m another day older and I swear I could break down and cry”

I’m not sure why “Hellbender” has the name it does, but I love it nonetheless. Hellbenders are always an awesome and rare sight to see when on a fishing trip, so a song named after one is something I can get behind.

Next up is, “This Old World.”



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