Where The Lights Are Fluorescing

A poem about the sad mundanity of a discount store

Critical Country
1 min readDec 22, 2021


Photo by Dennis Siqueira on Unsplash

Life’s more depressing

Where the lights are fluorescing

They beam a harsh light

On the walls painted white

There’s a young couple at the register, their clothes worn and tattered

If only they had someone, to let them know that they mattered

They’re buying the cheap diapers, today they’re on sale

With another five dollars off, using coupons from someone else’s mail

Scanning their items is a lady in her late sixties

Her old retirement fund reduced to mere pennies

An old man in the corner is perusing the playboys

While the broken light over him makes a staticky noise

Shirts from 2010 litter the racks

While back to school shelves offer Kevlar backpacks

A crying little kid gets smacked on the wrist

For grabbing something that wasn’t on mommy’s grocery list

It’s my turn at the register, with the woman gone grey

I quickly grab my bags, and as I head out, I hear; “Have a nice day.”



Critical Country

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